Our first seminar in Europe

We are happy to organize the first seminar in Europe for Wushu coaches from July 2 to 4, 2021 in France. and you are welcome to discover our work and enter the universe of Wushu Smart Lab.

This first seminar aims to help you attract more students to your school and retain them by making your lessons more attractive and thus improving student motivation.


Here is the content of the seminar:

Theory :

  • How to attract more practitioners to your school
  • How to retain your practitioners
  • How and why to assess your practitioners
  • Competition as a development tool for your school
  • Training structure and components at Wushu Smart Lab
  • The basic principles of training

Practical Pedagogy

  • 4 warm-up models : theory and practice
  • How to teach and make the practice of basic exercises more motivating
  • How to teach basic combinations and how to adapt them to different age groups
  • How to teach martial applications to different age groups
  • How to teach sparring gradually and in a safe environment
  • How to develop basic motor skills in children ages 4-6 using Wushu
  • How to approach physical preparation with children aged 7 to 8
  • How to organize effective physical preparation with children aged 9 to 15
  • How to optimize strength and conditioning with adolescents & adults
  • 4 Cool down models: theory and practice.

Once you have registered, you will receive all the practical information and more details about the program.


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